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Hipsta Week 1: Hongdae in the Rockies

Hipstamatic is an iOS only photography app that sets to emulate the beauty of analog photography through filters of lenses, films and flashes. I love analog photography but the process does get bogged down during development. To offset this, I have decided to delve a little deeper into this app by experimenting with its HipstaPaks one week at a time.

I started this adventure with the Hongdae HipstaPak, which is comprised of the Yoona lens and Blanko 일 film. This HipstaPak challenges photographers to “channel your inner Seoul,” a nod to its country of origin. The Yoona is “an overcast lens that adds a cool vibrancy to your photos” complimented by the warmth of the Blanko 일 film.

My initial impression of Hondae was positive. The colours complimented the landscape of the Rocky Mountains and added an interesting textured element to the photography. In low light, however, double exposures challenged this HipstaPak.

Hipsta Week 2: Monti HipstaPak

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