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Hipsta Week 4 – It’s Montréal, but not really

Yes. It has been more than a week. But it was cold. Really cold. And yes, I know Hipstamatic’s description of this week’s Montréal HipstaPak is “be a voyageur in the icy north” but let’s be honest here… no one actually wants to do that. They want to be a voyageur in the icy north before winter has come. I don’t even know if Montreal has mountains because it’s a 45 hour, 4,312 kilometre, drive from me that I’ve never undertaken.

This week’s pack highlights the history of our French friends in Quebec. The Anne-Marie Lens touches on saturation and pulls focus in a way Hipstamatic describes as “allow[ing] the light of old stained glass windows to highlight your photos.” The Mount Royal Film adds an “18th Century Parisian” wash to the photo.

While documenting the icy north, I’m not sure my photos received that architectural aged essence this pack promoted. Maybe what I was shooting was uninspired (it was). What the Montréal HipstaPak did do, however, was add a pleasant apocalyptic charm to sunrises, fog, light and darkness and that’s not a knock.

Next week: D-Series RetroPak


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